Welcomes Japan's Support
Washington, D.C.
September 20, 2001

President Bush welcomes the Japanese Government’s September 19 announcement of concrete measures in the campaign against international terrorism. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi announced a seven-point package of actions to support the U.S. and international response to last week’s terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. These steps include measures involving Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, expanded security for U.S. forces and facilities in Japan, humanitarian assistance to affected countries and displaced persons, measures to support the world economy, and strengthened international cooperation in sharing information and immigration control. We look forward to working with Japan as it implements its program.

The United States also appreciates the $10 million in emergency relief funds donated by the Government of Japan to assist those affected by the September 11 attacks. Japan's actions demonstrate its commitment in the fight to eradicate international terrorism and its compassion and sympathy for the victims of terrorism in the United States, which included many Japanese nationals.