United Kingdom
Prime Minister's Official Spokesman
Lobby Briefing
October 3, 2001
11:00 A.M. GMT


The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) told journalists that the Prime Minister had spoken to the Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee this morning. The call had lasted around 15 minutes. He would be meeting the Indian Foreign Minister this afternoon at around 2.15pm. The call to Prime Minister Vajpayee was the second call they had had since September 11. The PMOS said that our Prime Minister had condemned the terrorist attack on the Assembly in Srinigar on Monday. He also expressed his appreciation for the strong support the Indian Government was showing for the response to the events of September 11. They were an important part of the broad coalition that was being built. Asked if there was an assumption that the attack in Srinigar was linked to Bin Laden the PMOS said that no assumptions should be made.

The Prime Minister would also be meeting with David Trimble at midday.


Asked about the movement of the motion that would mean the Ulster Unionist party pulling out of the Executive the PMOS said that was entirely a matter for David Trimble and the Executive. The Prime Minister would want to get Mr Trimble's assessment on where we were and to take it from there. David Trimble had met the Taioseach in Dublin yesterday and this was part of the ongoing process.


Asked if the Prime Minister's statement tomorrow would be used to set out more details of the legislative response to the events of September 11 the PMOS said that journalists would have to wait for the debate itself. It was right that Parliament was the first to hear. The debate was a chance for Parliament to meet and to discuss the current situation. Asked if there was a chance that legislation would be laid tomorrow the PMOS said no.


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