United Kingdom
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Media Stakeout in Brussels (edited)
Brussels, Belgium
September 21, 2001

QUESTION: Prime Minister, what do you want to get out of this evening? What do you hope the declaration will be at the end?

PRIME MINISTER: Well essentially I hope we achieve two things today. First of all a very strong and clear demonstration of our support and solidarity for the United States of America for action against terrorism, and secondly a series of specific measures that we will take both at the European level and nationally on issues to do with the way the terrorist groups move about, the extradition of wanted terrorists, how they are financed, and so. And so there will be a series of specific measures, but also a strong demonstration of support.

QUESTION: Will you be able to give the meeting any clear indication of America's intentions over the next few weeks?

PRIME MINISTER: Well of course we will discuss the details of all the things that have been talked about over the past few days. I think that is probably better a discussion I have with colleagues.

QUESTION: When do you hope to be able to explain to the British people just what kind of military action is planned and what Britain's role will be in it?

PRIME MINISTER: Obviously as soon as we decide the appropriate military response and the planning of it, then of course we will tell people about it, but I think that there are two things that we have set ourselves now as clear objectives. Both ourselves, the United States of America, the international community. The first is action to make sure that those responsible for this atrocity are brought to account, are brought to justice. And secondly, then to construct, if you like, an agenda of action, at every single level, national and international, on the issue of mass terrorism: how it is financed, how they acquire the weapons capability that they have, how they operate, how they manage to move across the frontiers of different countries, all those things that went to allow that particular group of terrorists to commit that atrocity in the United States.


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