Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Statement of Support of US Actions Against Terrorism
September 21, 2001

On the threshold of the imminent retribution action by the United States against the persons responsible for the inhuman acts of terror occurred in New York City and Washington, DC, on September 11, 2001, the Government of the Republic of Belarus declares its strong support of the coordinated efforts of the international community to fight against terrorism and to extermination of the acts of terror.

The Republic of Belarus has never granted and will never grant financial assistance, information or asylum to the terrorists, it won’t provide organized support to them. The Republic of Belarus will cooperate actively with all interested states in an effort to bring the organizers and inspirers of the acts of terror to justice.

The Republic of Belarus comes out in favor of a voluntary adoption of a codex of the counteraction against terrorism by all countries in the world. The Republic of Belarus considers that effective fight against one of the most dangerous threats for the human civilization in the 21st century is only possible on conditions of unification of political will and resources by the states of the world. Each country in spite of its level of development, economic and military potential, cultural and religious peculiarities is able to make its important contribution to gain a total victory of the world community over terrorism.

As one of the countries mostly affected by horror and hardship of the last world war, the Republic of Belarus supports the position shared by many countries in the world that it is unacceptable to lay the blame and responsibility of some individuals and groups of people on entire nations and states. Well-considered and self-restrained approach to the use of military power will be regarded as an evidence of realization by the states that seek to combat firmly against terrorism of their responsibility to save the global peace and stability, to prevent new world war.