Embassy of Iran to Canada
Press Release recapping Iranian response during the past week
Ottawa, Canada
September 18, 2001

On Monday Sept. 17th, 2001, The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, commented on the Terrorist Attacks carried out in the U.S., stating that “Islam condemns the massacre of defenseless people, whether Muslim or Christian or others, anywhere and by any means.”

Also, during the past week, many Iranian officials categorically condemned the terrorist attacks in the United States and expressed their deep sorrow and sympathy with the American Nation.

Immediately, on September 11th, President Khatami stated, in a message of condolence to the American people, “On behalf of the Iranian Government and the nation, I condemn the hijacking attempts and terrorist attacks on Public Centers in American cities which have killed a large number of innocent people”.

Since the devastating incident, a range of officials, political parties, and groups such as MP’s, Journalists, as well as the ordinary public expressed their deep sympathy over the death and suffering of civilians. Iranian Soccer Players as well as over 70 000 spectators, observed a minute of silence in honour of the victims, during a world cup qualifying match, in Azadi Stadium, Tehran.

On another front, Iran also sealed off its lengthy border with Afghanistan. Iran has also offered its services to the UN, and other International Relief Agencies in their efforts to provide aid to possible Afghan refugees along the border. Also, on Sunday Sept. 16th, The Mayor of Tehran sent a message of condolence to his New York counterpart, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and expressed his deep grief and sorrow for the recent terrorist attacks.

It is worthy to add that Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, in a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, referred to terrorism as the common problem of today’s world which threatens world peace, freedom, spirituality, science and coexistence. President Khatami also expressed regret that in the year of “Dialogue Among Civilizations”, the most violent and most savage Terrorist Attack has been carried out.