Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
Interview on Danish Television (excerpts)
September 18, 2001

"The events fill you with horror. [...] It is of paramount importance to find the perpetrators. To put names and faces to the perpetrators. Not least out of consideration for the families."

"This must never become a religious war. It is a war against terrorism, just as President Bush has said it so very strongly. [...] What concerns me most right now is the risk that an attempt of stopping the terrorism might lead to a new showdown, and the risk that many civilians might get hurt. But we know that the Americans are well aware of that."

"The government is now saying to the Danish people that we must be able to go all the way. We have said that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Americans, and we will not break this promise. [...] We must be prepared to participate with the best we can. We may contribute in a wide range of ways. It may be intelligence work. We have shifted our intelligence work to a higher gear. We are cooperating very closely with the US and our European allies. [...] We can help with back up. If for example the US or other allies need to move aircrafts or soldiers into a new area and this leaves an area unprotected, then maybe Denmark can move in."

"This is undoubtedly the most difficult situation I have experienced during my more than 8 years as Prime Minister. But it must not lead to the inability to make decisions. There are no more any neutral corners on the surface of the earth where to hide. We share a common destiny with the whole world and our allies, which is stronger than it has ever been before. [...] We also have to realize that the poor people around the world and in Africa will not disappear as when we turn off our TVs. Their destiny is also our destiny. We face a double task: combating terrorism and removing the fertilizing substance, which provides the breeding ground for the hatred and thus causes terrorism. This is exactly what we do best in Denmark: The humanitarian effort to ensure that other people may also have a future."