Government of India
September 13, 2001

The Government and people of India have strongly condemned the heinous terrorists attacks in New York and Washington D.C. and have expressed their deepest sympathies with the people of the United States. The President of India has called this reprehensible act a crime not just against the United States, but against all humanity. The Prime Minister has said that India stands with the United States in this hour of adversity in its shared commitment to defeat the forces of terror and has offered full cooperation in investigation s into this crime. Condemnation of these terrorist attacks has come from all sections and members of Indian society and the Indian-American community.

The Embassy of India has seen press reports regarding harassment of members of the Sikh community and other Indians in the wake of the terrorists attacks in New York and Washington D.C. The Indian Consulates have been asked to take up any such cases of harassment with the local civic authorities. The Embassy would like to emphasize that the Sikhs are a law abiding, peaceful and progressive community from India. They are adherents of a modern, open and democratic faith. Their outward appearance , which is a manifestation of their religious beliefs, has made them victims of mistaken identity. Along with other Indians, they themselves have been targets of terrorism, and have been known for acts of great heroism.

In this difficult hour, the prayers of all Indians and people of Indian origin are with the bereaved families. We are confident that the American people will find the strength and resilience to overcome this tragedy