Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
Ottawa, Ontaria
September 13, 2001

I am asking all Canadians to join tomorrow in a National Day of Mourning for the victims of the terrorist attacks that took place in the United States earlier this week.

This will show the solidarity that we feel towards our American friends and the families of the Canadian victims.

We have invited Ambassador Paul Cellucci of the United States to represent his people.

For a ceremony that will take place at noon tomorrow on Parliament Hill.

We want to fortify their courage in the face of this terrible situation.

We join all civilized nations in pledging our complete support in the days to come.

And our full cooperation in bringing those who have committed this awful crime to justice.

I also once again wish to thank all Canadians for the tremendous concern and generosity they have shown for our American neighbours in their time of need.

I also want to emphasize that we are in a struggle against terrorism.

Not against any one community or faith.


©2001 Government of Canada.