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Lucinda's ever-silent son sits at a nearby wagon, staring at Wyatt while Lucinda rolls dough, lovely as ever. Just finished telling his story, Wyatt sits by the fire with the wagonmaster and several others. They shaker their head:

Ain't got law, ain't got nothin'.
Only thing between us and the
Animals. Always the way it goes,
Though. Only way to down an
Illinois man's from behind, the
Dogs don't dare face 'em. Mr.
Lincoln, Wild Bill, now your
Brothers: Illinois men all and
All downed from behind by dirty
Dogs and Democrats. Guess an
Ordinary man'd be out for
Vengeance but I don't figure
That'll answer here. It's a
Reckoning you're after.

If the Lord is my friend.

Let not your heart be faint, let
Your arm be steel-that's all you
Need of the Lord.

Wyatt pauses, nodding, suddenly understanding the truth of it. Looking up, his eyes meet those of Lucinda. She smiles, wiping flour from her hands. Wyatt smiles thoughtfully, moved by this unexpected encounter....


Next morning. Doc gallops into camp with McMasters, Texas Jack Vermillion, and Turkey Creek Jack Johnson, exchanging greetings with Wyatt who leads him over to the center of the camp, then:

Know why you're here?

Way ahead of you, Wyatt. You want
Us to help you get Ike Clanton
And Johnny Behan. Everybody knows
They're the ones to blame for
Your brothers.

They're nothing. They're nobody.
I want the Cowboys. All of 'em. I
Mean to break 'em up, drive 'em
Out of the territory.

Are you out of your mind? What on
Earth'd make us-

(takes out wad of bills)
I'll pay you 500 each in advance
And I'll mount you on those.

He points to his 5 magnificent blacks tied nearby. They look them over as Wyatt takes out a stack of warrants.

Got a sheaf of federal warrants.
Being in the Territories it's up
To our discretion how they're
Served. That means we got the
Cowboys without quarter. The
Black flag, brother. No
Prisoners, no mercy, amen.

(to Johnson)
500... Year's wages. And I never
even saw a horse like that.

You crazy? It can't be done.

It might be done. If we hit the
Waterholes through the southern
Dragoons, the Whetstones and
Huachucas, we could take 'em on
In pieces, run off their herds.
(faces Wyatt)
Keep your money, I'll show you
Where those waterholes are. Just
Promise me you'll finish it. No
Matter what happens you'll see it
Through to the end. I'll have
Your hand on that.

They shake. Vermillion and Johnson confer in whispers, then:

We come through this in one
Piece, can we keep the horses?

Wyatt nods. Vermillion nods to Johnson who crouches down with a pair of dice. He makes one pass, two passes... Finally:

Crapped out. Okay, we're in.


The thoroughbreds are saddled and waiting, each with a rifle in a scabbard and a double-barreled shotgun across the saddle fork. Lucinda's son looks on with gathering awe as Wyatt's men, each carrying 2 pistols, face their boss.

The minute we start we'll be
Going against local and county
Law. If we fail the U.S.
Government won't be able to lift
A finger to help us. Nevertheless
I want you to understand we carry
The full force and authority of
The law of this land.

They exchange glances, each man feeling a little shiver at the magnitude of what they're about to attempt. Wyatt faces them:

Raise your right hands. Do you
Solemnly swear to uphold the laws
And constitution of the United
States of America and to protect
her citizens to the best of your
Ability, even at the cost of your
Own life?

All chorus, "I do", except for Doc who rolls his eyes. Finally:

Oh... All right.

Wyatt hands each a Federal Deputy's badges. Doc waves his away:

You know why I'm here. My
Hypocrisy only goes so far.

Wyatt shrugs. They mount up, about to begin, but suddenly:


Lucinda runs up to Wyatt, reaching up and tying a blue and gold silk scarf around his neck.

Your colors.

Wyatt nods his surprised thanks as the wagonmaster steps up:

Good luck, boys. And give 'em hell!

They shake hands then Wyatt motions to his men. They take off at a graceful lope, riding through camp toward the deadfall and the desert beyond. Unable to contain himself any longer, Lucinda's son bounds up onto a wagon, waving and shouting, spurring them on with a spontaneous frontier toast:

Wyatt Earp, the two-gun man,
Whistling death and bloody
Murder! Wyatt the widow-maker,
Avenging and bright, purple
Poison on horseback with
Lightning in his eye and thunder
In his heart! Wyatt and his he-
Devils, holy terrors and true,
Five black centaurs blowin' fire
And quicksilver! Ride out and
Charge and shoot and strike and
Cleave and hack and thrust home!
Don't let up and give no rest and
Never call retreat till the last
One's smashed and smote and
Runnin' for cover. Best 'em all
And break 'em up and bang their
Heads together in a bunch and
Give no quarter though they be
Ten times ten thousand!

Wyatt turns in the saddle, sweeping off his hat with a cavalier's flourish as he and his men take the deadfall in a single bound and pass into the desert. An immigrant FATHER grabs his infant son, lifting him up.

What're you doing?

Someday he'll be able to say he
Was there when Wyatt Earp rode
Out to bring the law.

Music up, avenging and bright, as Wyatt and his men ride through the desert, 5 abreast on their giant chargers, glossy black coats shimmering in the sunlight, hoofbeats pounding in unison.

All right, let's wring 'em out!

They break into a dead run, streaking across the frame. As they crest a rise the ground seems to drop from under them and for a single perfect moment it appears as if they're airborne, flying across the skyline like the winged horsemen of myth. Johnson turns to Vermillion, laughing at the sheer joy of being alive:

Like flyin', son. Just like flyin'.


The sun just starts to dip behind the near end of the ridge overlooking the camp where on one side Florentino and several Cowboys sit in a circle, playing poker while others recline on bedrolls, laughing and drinking. On the other side, at the foot of the ridge, Spence, Pony Deal, and 2 others crouch over a fire, cooking. Suddenly the cattle nestled under the far end of the ridge start bleating. Spence turns to Pony Deal who shrugs:

Maybe they smell a wolf.

(turns to other Cowboy)
Go up there and take a look.

The Cowboy mount a pinto pony and lopes up and over the far side of the ridge. Spence and the others continue cooking. Moments later a CRASHING SOUND comes echoing over the ridge like thunder. The Cowboys look up, startled. Pony Deal points:


The pinto gallops riderless back over the ridge. The Cowboys exchange confused glances, all attention focused on the far end of the ridge. Then the five black horsemen ride out of the sun, gliding like apparitions up and over the near end of the ridge and bearing down on the unsuspecting camp with the speed of a flame. They are within a few yards of the fire when Johnny Barnes suddenly spots them and:

Look out!

Spence and the others turn and just have time to gasp before Wyatt and his horsemen SLAM into them with terrifying impact, the bodies disappearing under their horses' hooves. The Cowboys recoil in total shock, jumping up from bedrolls, stumbling in confusion, scramb ling to get out of the way as the possemen plow through the fire and roar into camp, pistols BLAZING in air, horses rearing and snorting.

United States Marshals! Reach!

Everyone freezes. A worried-looking Florentino shrinks back behind the others, trying not to be spotted. Meanwhile Doc leans down and pokes his pistol into a nearby Cowboy's forehead.

Say something witty.

They herd the Cowboys over to one side of camp, shouting, "Get over there!", "Move it!", etc. But Barnes brazens up to Wyatt:

Hey, you can't come-

A loud crack as Wyatt's quirt lays his face open to the bone.

One more word and I'll blind you.
Get over there!

(to McMasters)
Hey brother, what're you doin'-

I ain't your brother, I ain't
None of your damn brothers. Move!

All right, run 'em off.

Doc and Wyatt cover the Cowboys while the others scatter their herd with pistol shots. Indignant, Swilling sneers at Wyatt:

Bastard! Stinkin' bastard! Like
To eat you blood raw!

A queer look in his eye, Wyatt dismounts and faces Swilling.

All right, breed. Dig in.

And then Wyatt DRILLS him in the jaw with a straight right hand. Swilling drops like a stone. Wyatt hauls him up by the hair and hammers him left-right-left, steps around, digs down, and pile-drives a left hook to his gut. Swilling topples back into a seated position then rolls over with a moan and passes out. Meanwhile, seeing his chance, Florentino ducks down and makes for the remuda as Doc looks down at Swilling.

It appears he missed an excellent
Chance to keep his mouth shut.

(faces Cowboys)
Felt his liver go on that last
One. Get him to a doctor or he'll
Be dead in a couple hours.

At the remuda Florentino leaps on a horse and gallops off bareback. McMasters point, pulling his rifle from its scabbard:

Florentino! He's getting away!

Drop his horse.

McMasters draws a bead on the retreating form with his '76 Winchester and FIRES. 100 yards away, the bullet hits Florentino's horse in the shoulder with a "thunk". It drops, tumbling end over end and plunging Florentino face-first into the ground. He jumps up, spitting out a mouthful, and starts running. Wyatt leaps on this black and it streaks forward, closing the distance in seconds. Florentino gasps and runs faster, pulling a bellygun from his sash, Wyatt almost on top of him. He turns and FIRES on the run. A branch next to Wyatt's head EXPLODES. Wyatt keeps coming, drawing his Buntline, impervious, unstoppable. Florentino turns for another shot just as the black PILES into him, sending him flying and tumbling him down an embankment. He scrambles to his feet as Wyatt dismounts, starting toward him with deliberate step, eyes blazing, long-barreled pistol held in front of him. Florentino backs up in terror, gun at his side, shaking his head:

I don't kill your brother! I
Don't even know him. I was only
Lookout. It was money, they give
Me twelve dollars! It was money!

A human life. Twelve dollars.

Wyatt nods, still coming, cold-blooded murder in his eye. Florentino screams, raising his gun:


Wyatt FIRES, blasting Florentino to the ground. He advances, FIRING over and over, emptying his gun into him....


The Cowboys watch as Wyatt gallops up, dragging Florentino's bullet-riddled body behind him. He reins up, un-dallying the rope. The corpse flops at their feet. They jump back, horrified.

Look at him. That's how you'll
All end up if you don't get it
Through your head: it's over,
The Cowboys're finished. Forever.
So tell the others and get out of
The Territory 'cause next time I
Leave no one alive. Understand?
No one. You been warned.
(to his men)
All right, burn it! Everything!

As his men prepare to fire the camp, several Cowboys move to pick up Floretino's body, but:

Leave that trash where it lays.


Wyatt and his men ride through the blazing camp, the flames lighting up his eyes like a demon's....


The possemen crouch by their fire. Doc sits shivering miserably by himself as Vermillion turns to Johnson.

You know, we might just pull this off.

Not so sure. Somethin' tells me
It gets harder from here in.
Should've held out for more money.

Meanwhile Wyatt and McMasters confer over a map. Wyatt points to a specific point on the map, very interested:

I know that cut. You mean there's
A waterhole near there?

But this time they'll be ready.

We'll see about that.


Now we see what so interested Wyatt-it's the same mountain cut where he and Josephine met. Pony Deal and a party of 10 Cowboys ride through the desert 300 yards from the cut, pushing a herd.

Keep your eyes open for Earp's
Bunch. Swear to God, ain't gonna
Get the drop on us this time.

Riders up ahead! ...four, five.
It's them all right!

They look. Wyatt and his horsemen stand waiting at the mouth of the cut. They tense, the 1st Cowboy squinting against the sun. At the cut, Wyatt and his men poise themselves, Doc nodding:

They saw us. Here they come.

The Cowboys charge forward, outnumbering them better than 2 to 1 and only 100 yards away. The possemen choke up on their reins, alerting their horses for action as:

Wait... wait... steady...

75 yards and the first shots RING out, richochetting off the walls of the cut. The others blanch but Wyatt stays cool, waiting, 50 yards... 40 yards... till we can see their eyes and:


They whirl around and disappear into the cut. The Cowboys keep coming. Wyatt's group reaches the little trail leading up the wall of the cut he used to avoid Josephine. They clamber up the side of the cut at a bounding gallop, unseen, as moments later the Cowboys gallop by and continue through into the desert on the other side. Wyatt's group careens up and around the high mountain wall as if on a roller-coaster, following the tiny, narrow path at a breathtaking clip, the trail finally plunging them back into the draw behind the Cowboys. They speed up to the opposite mouth of the cut, drawing their pistols as the Cowboys gallop into the desert before them, unaware.

Lay on!

They CHARGE forward. Seeing the empty desert ahead, the Cowboys pull up, looking around in confusion. Suddenly a VOLLEY of GUNFIRE hits them from behind, knocking several from the saddle. They spin around just as Wyatt's group SLAMS into them HEAD-ON, guns BLAZING, Cowboys tumbling from the saddle left and right, horses rearing and toppling over backwards.


The remaining Cowboys turn and dash into the desert. Wyatt shouts:

Come on!

Wyatt's group CHARGES, the thoroughbreds closing the distance in seconds. Vermillion stands in his stirrups, roaring like an animal as he PLUNGES into them, swinging his quirt like a saber and LASHING a Cowboy across the face, making him tumble to the earth and bounce over the rocks like a rag doll. McMasters closes with another, throwing an arm around him and JERKING him from the saddle, SNAPPING his neck. Doc overtakes a 3rd, jams his pistol into his face and FIRES point-blank, blackening his face with soot and BLOWING out the back of his head as he falls. Reins in his teeth, shotgun at his shoulder, Johnson comes up behind a 4th and FIRES. The Cowboy's head DISAPPEARS in a cloud of pink vapor, the body dropping like a stone.... Wyatt bears down on Pony Deal at a dead run. Pony Deal turns in the saddle and FIRES at him. We feel a surge of breathless exhilaration as Wyatt swings out of the saddle like a Commanche and ducks his body down against the side of his horse, hiding in its lee. Pony Deal turns for another shot only to see an apparently riderless horse overtake him. But in the next instant Wyatt darts around under his horse's neck and FIRES, blowing Pony Deal head-over-heels off the back of his horse. Wyatt bounds back into the saddle as McMasters rides by, drawing a bead with his rifle on the lone survivor, the 1st Cowboy. Only a few yards in front of them, he whips his horse frantically, trying to get away. McMasters is about to fire when Wyatt rides up, deflecting the shot. The Cowboy makes it over a rise and disappears.

What'd you do that for?

So he can tell the story.


Curly Bill studies a map drawn in the dirt, listening with Ringo, Ike, etc. while the 1st Cowboy describes the battle:

Didn't make any sense. One minute
We're chasin' 'em, next they're
Right on top of us. We couldn't
Stop 'em, they got everybody.
Just everybody!

Easy now, it's only five men.
Been havin' it their way 'cause
They been surprising you. Hittin'
The waterholes and that Judas
McMasters is showin' 'em right
Where they are. Pretty damn cute.
But nobody's cute as me.
(points to dirt map)
Next up's Black Draw. But that
Smart Wyatt'll say no, that's
Where they'll expect us to hit,
We'll hit the one after. Iron
Springs. That's where they show
Next. Only I'm gonna be there
First. And throw a little party.

Curly Bill grins, his coarse face radiant in the firelight...


Doc sits by the fire, shaking and shivering and sweating. Vermillion comes up and tries to cover him with a blanket, but:

Don't touch me!


He pulls back. Doc wraps himself in the blanket. After a beat:

You really look awful.

Not half as bad as I feel.

Then why in hell're you doin'
This? You ought to be in bed.

Wyatt Earp is my friend.

Hell, I got lot's of friends.

(turns, glares at him)
I don't.

Meanwhile at the other side of the camp, Wyatt and McMasters huddle over the map, Johnson walks up:

Maybe you ought to have a talk
With Doc, Wyatt. I don't know if
He's gonna make it.

There's no reasoning with him.

(points to map)
Next waterhole's Black Draw. We
Could be there by mid-morning.

They're wise by now. Which is
Next, Iron Springs? Yeah, let's
Try there, Iron Springs.


A camp near a waterhole with 2 Cowboys crouched by a fire, sipping coffee. Wyatt's men ride up to the rocks overlooking it and dismount, unseen.

There they are. No herd though.

We'll go around that way, come up on foot.

They pull shotguns from their saddles and start down over the rocks on foot, creeping up on the camp, seemingly undetected. But suddenly the Cowboys by the fire dive behind a log and:

Ambush! Get down!

And suddenly the deadfall on the opposite side EXPLODES IN GUNFIRE. Vermillion takes a graze and drops with the others, hugging the rocks. A bullet RICHOCHETS into a rock at Johnson's head, biting his face with fragments, making him wince:


Hunched behind the logs on the opposite side with 15 more Cowboys, Curly Bill raises his head, grinning and shouting:

Hey, Wyatt! How the hell are you?

Wyatt and his men react to his voice. The fire continues. Suddenly there's MOVEMENT in the rocks above them. Doc points:


Got some boys workin' around
Those rocks behind you. Another
Minute or two, gonna have you in
A crossfire! How do you like that?

Seeing the spot they're in, McMasters turns to the silent Wyatt:

He's right. They get set up in
Them rocks it's the end for us.

And now for the first time we see fear in these men, actual naked fear. But Curly Bill laughs, having the time of his life.

'Course you could give yourselves
up and we could have a party!
Then what larks!

Crouched by Curly Bill, Barnes chuckles. A confident ripple of laughter goes through the Cowboy line- they know they've got them. On the other side, Vermillion shakes his head grimly.

Ain't takin' me alive, damn it!

McMasters looks at the still silent Wyatt, shrugging helplessly:

Think of somethin' fast or we're cooked.

They really are at the end of their rope, all looking to Wyatt for a solution. He remains silent. Then suddenly, in this supreme moment, a strange, almost supernatural calm seems to come over him and he says simply:




And now we can almost hear the ether RINGING in our ears as Wyatt takes his shotgun and, while the others look on in horror, rises to his feet.


Bullets WHIZ around him. Doc jumps up to grab him but a RICOCHET drives him back down. Wyatt advances quickly across the clearing, walking right into the teeth of their guns, repeating:


Wyatt's clothes jerk and ripple as bullets pass through, but he just keeps coming. Seeing this, Curly Bill also stands, a weird, manic elation coming over him. He hoots and howls:

Look at that! Yeah! Come and get
Some, boy!


Curly Bill waves away his men's fire and walks toward Wyatt, 12 gauge shotgun in one hand, .45 in the other, BLASTING away.

Let me, let me, yeah! Die, you


Curly Bill FIRES again. Wyatt's hat flies off. He FIRES again, digging a gash in Wyatt's boot-heel. Now Curly Bill takes dead aim with his .45 and-CLICK-it's empty. He tosses it aside. Suddenly a sharp wind gusts up, making the tails of Wyatt's duster swirl around him like a halo as he advances. Eyes wild with battle rage, Curly Bill quickly raises his shotgun.

Die! Son of a bitch! Die!

He FIRES. Wyatt's coattails EVAPORATE into swirling shreds as he takes deliberate aim with his mighty 10 gauge, hissing through clenched teeth:


And with that, Wyatt lets go with BOTH BARRELS. Curly Bill's mid-section VA PORIZES, the huge double-charge of buckshot RIPPING HIM COMPLETELY IN HALF. The other Cowboys flinch as they're sprayed with flecks of blood and gore. Barnes screams:

Jesus Christ!


Eyes burning like two twin hells, Wyatt pulls his Buntline and FIRES. Barnes doubles over. Wyatt FIRES again. Barnes drops. The others recoil, their faces looking as if they are living in a waking nightmare as Wyatt advances on them, STILL FIRING. Another goes down. Doc leaps from the rocks, gun in hand, and:

Come on!

Now they all rise and OPEN FIRE, advancing 4 abreast, a WALL OF GUNFIRE driving the remaining Cowboys off, running for their horses. Wyatt keeps snapping his empty gun as the others run up.


Beside himself, Doc helps Wyatt to a nearby rock, sitting him down and examining him, running his hands all over his body. The others FIRE at the Cowboys retreating on horseback.

Wyatt, my God! You're shot to pieces!


Yeah, better run, you bastards!

(turn to Doc)
How is he?

(looks up, amazed)
I don't believe it. He's clean!

What? But I saw 'em-

I'm telling you, there isn't a
Mark on him.

They look. Meanwhile Wyatt starts to tremble....


They're camped by a running stream. Wyatt stares into the fire. Doc crouches opposite him, shaking his head:

I'm a man without fear, Wyatt. I
Literally don't care if I live or
Die. But even I can't fight human
Instinct. Somebody suddenly
Starts shooting at me, I duck.
But you... what on earth were
You thinking about?

I don't know. It all happened so
Fast. If I'd had a chance to
Think about it I guess I probably
Would've been scared but... Swear
To God, Doc, I just don't know.

At the other end of camp, Vermillion and Johnson sit together. After a beat:

Hey Creek, you ever see anything
Like that before?

Never even heard of anything like it.

Vermillion nods. Both look shaken to the very core of their beings. Finally:

I just thought of somethin' I
Never thought about before.
(pauses, looks at him)
I don't want to go to hell.

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