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Benjamin Martin In The Patriot:
Benjamin Martin is based on a combination of real historical figures:
1. Francis Marion: Marion was originally the lead character in the script, but because of controversy and to allow for more dramatic storytelling (more fiction), Martin was introduced.
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2. Elijah Clarke: another militia fighter like Marion. Clarke fought extensively in Georgia and in the Southern regions of South Carolina where he was often joined by Andrew Pickens. Other than his heroic nature, it is unclear what specifics were drawn from Clarke's life.

3. Daniel Morgan: Continental officer; Morgan was a colorful character and by no means the religious person that Martin is portrayed as. Morgan's one contribution to the Martin character seems to be that it was his idea at the Battle of Cowpens to use the militia as a decoy.

4. Andrew Pickens: another militia fighter who operated in the Carolina region. He is known for his large family and strict Presbyterian background.
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5. Thomas Sumter: Sumter was an independent, stubborn fighter who refused to cooperate with Continental operations, but at one time, he led the only organized resistance in the Carolinas.
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Click on the appropriate name for historical information on any of the men from which Benjamin Martin is drawn:
- Francis Marion
- Elijah Clarke
- Daniel Morgan
- Andrew Pickens
- Thomas Sumter

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