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The Patriot Film Fact or Fiction: People

Several characters in The Patriot were inspired by real historical figures:

Harry Burwell - Though he was inspired by Lt. Colonel Henry Lee, the character as seen in the final theatrical cut has little in common with Lee.

Charles Cornwallis - Based on the British General of the same name.

Nathanael Greene - Based on the Continental General of the same name.

Benjamin Martin - Based on a combination of several figures:
- Francis Marion
- Thomas Sumter
- Andrew Pickens
- Elijah Clarke
- Daniel Morgan

Charles O'Hara - Based on the British General of the same name.

William Tavington - Based on Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton.

Jean Villeneuve - Loosely based on French and German officers such as Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette and German Baron von Steuben that volunteered to serve in the Continental Army, some out of admiration for the American rebellion and some just so they could fight the British.

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