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The Patriot Film Fact or Fiction: Events

The following pages (listed in order of appearance in the film) look at the historical accuracy of events depicted in The Patriot:

Page #1:
Benjamin Martin's raid on Fort Wilderness.

Page #2:
Benjamin Martin's quote to the South Carolina Assembly.

Page #3:
Colonel William Tavington burns a militia leader's home and kills his son.

Page #4:
Explosive projectiles were used during Revolutionary War battles.

Page #5:
The "Betsy Ross" flag was widely used as a battle flag.

Page #6:
Militia alone kept General Charles Cornwallis from advancing north.

Page #7:
Courting couples used bundling bags to spend the night together.

Page #8:
The Continental Congress offered freedom to slaves who served a year.

Page #9:
Slave colonies (Gullah camps) existed during the war.

Page #10:
Colonel Tavington burns down a church with the townspeople inside.

Page #11:
The final battle strategy using militia as a decoy.

Page #12:
General Cornwallis sent his deputy to surrender at Yorktown.

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