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The Patriot Film Fact or Fiction: Battles

Battle of Charleston:
The result of this battle marks the time transition from the opening exposition (setup) of the movie to the main action of the movie. A dissolve between flags carries the movie from 1776, following Gabriel Martin's enlistment in the Continental army and Patriot hopes are high, to 1780. In 1780 the tide has turned to the British side as Charlotte Selton leaves the city just before the British take possession of Charleston.

The film's accuracy on this matter is ambiguous, since no dates beyond the year are given. The shot of General Cornwallis and Colonel Tavington in the city could be taking place some time after the surrender of the city. Perhaps after General Cornwallis has assumed command of British operations in the South. When British took possession of Charleston, both General Cornwallis and Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton were in the South Carolina backcountry securing support lines, while Lt. General Sir Henry Clinton oversaw the siege and surrender.

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