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      At this time I hear the dark-haired girl comment that it was beautiful. I turn to look at her and see that she is closer and is not looking outside, but intently looking at me. She has beautiful deep green eyes and a delicate and perfectly formed face. Her gaze locks my eyes on hers and I almost feel myself falling into those deep green pools. At the thought that I wish she were even closer and this being a dream, she instantly is closer. Our faces are now less than a foot apart and moving towards one another. My eyes venture a quick glance at Samuel, but he and the rest of the class is looking outside.

      Everyone else has disappeared. My entire world is her face. I don't even notice the rest of her except that I know she has a not unattractive and somewhat petite figure, even though I never even checked. That is the wonder of a dream. We continue to get closer and finally kiss. Our lips brush. Her lips feel full and moist and I savor their touch, then they part for a moment and she probes with her tongue. She almost shyly pulls back and looks at me.

      She seems to be waiting to see if I am upset at her being so forward, but I am not at all. Quite the contrary since it is just a dreamworld, I am pleased that she would make a decision to approach me so soon after first seeing me. I myself lean in and we kiss again. As I try and enjoy the kiss, reveling in the feel of her lips brushing mine, I am forced to decide that she is an awful kisser and seems to like to flick her tongue in and out of my mouth like a lizard. It is with this thought in my mind that the dream fades to an disappointing end.

Scott Cummings - 2/11/97

Absolut Paradigm

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