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      It is as though I can make out enough detail to recognize what is only necessary. Dreams will vaguely sketch out minor details while amplifying the important ones.At this time I notice that an acquaintance of mine from high school by the name of Chuck is sprawled out just in front of me. I inquire of him the name of this course and he tells me that it is Chemistry 1124. I decide to stay anyway, because of the dark-haired girl who is seated less than ten feet away. She now seems to be paying a little attention to me.

      As I turn back to speak to my friend, Chuck is gone, replaced by another high school acquaintance, Samuel Xavier Jones. Samuel was more of a friend than Chuck and ironically, Chuck and Samuel did not get along at all. I now notice a good size window beside Samuel and I. I take a look outside and notice the not uncommon daytime appearance of the moon just emerging from behind a high, billowy cloud, but there is an uncommon identical second moon just above and to the right of it.

      I turn to Samuel and tell him to take a look outside. When I look back out the window, I see several more moons, yet they are different. They look more like intricate balls of crystal with straight-line patterns in them. They are of different sizes and color. One that draws my attention is deep red and is the largest in the sky. It is in the center of the sky and there seems to be obvious depth to it. I know that it is a sphere and not just a disk, or perhaps that is the work of the pattern decorating it. That one almost seems to be like a huge Christmas ornament hung in the sky.

      This totally unexpected sight strikes me in a couple of ways. The beauty of these glass-like orbs hanging in the sky awes me and yet at the same time I am worried that they may spell danger for everyone, me included. These thoughts all flash through my mind in the split-second that I gaze skyward. This moment seems to have been much longer because of all the thoughts that have flashed through my mind. My last thought of danger prompts me to try and observe whether they are moving towards us or are stationary, but I am unable to because I am distracted by movement behind me. I turn to see that the professor and the rest of the class have noticed the phenomena themselves.

Absolut Paradigm

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