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Portrayed by: Miranda Otto

Appears in:
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Eowyn In The Return of the King:
Eowyn is at Edoras when the Men return from Isengard. She speaks with Aragorn who again tries to distance himself from her. She rides with the men to Dunharrow, when the Rohirrim are gathering to ride to the aid of Gondor. She encourages Merry to get his sword sharpened, but her brother Éomer tells her not to. She defends Merry's courage. When the men ride out, she disguises herself and carries Merry to Gondor. She speaks to Aragorn just before he leaves for the Paths of the Dead. It is then that he makes it clear that his heart is given to another and she should look elsewhere for love.

On the battlefield, Eowyn rides to the aid of King Théoden, who has been wounded by the Witchking. Eowyn slays the Witchking's Fell Beast, then Merry wounds the Witchking before Eowyn kills the Witchking. She then goes to her uncle and holds him as he dies. Later, she is seen beside Faramir at Aragorn's coronation.

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