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Denethor II
Denethor II

Portrayed by: John Noble

Appears in:
The Two Towers: Special Extended Edition
The Return of the King

Denethor In The Return of the King:
Gandalf and Pippin arrive in Minas Tirith to warn Denethor that Sauron is about to attack Gondor. Denethor is short with him and informs him that he knows of Sauron's plans as well as Gandalf's plan to supplant him with Aragorn. Denethor then asks about Boromir. Ignoring Gandalf's advice, Pippin now speaks up and tells Denethor that Boromir died protecting he and Merry. He also pledges his service in repayment of that debt. Denethor has Pippin swear allegiance to him.

As Pippin sits in waiting, Faramir then reports to him that Osgiliath has been overrun. Denethor insists that it be retaken. Faramir knows it is hopeless and asks Denethor if he had rather that Boromir had lived and he had died. Denethor answers that he indeed wishes that, so Faramir leaves to undertake the suicide mission. Denethor then asks Pippin to sing a song while he eats.

Faramir is the only survivor of the failed attack on Osgiliath and he's severely wounded. He is brought to Denethor, who loses hope and orders his men to abandon their posts, but Gandalf countermands the order. Later, Denethor orders Faramir taken to the Tombs. Pippin tries to stop him, but Denethor throws him out, releasing him from his service. Pippin goes and finds Gandalf. Together, they break into the Tombs and stop Denthor from burning Faramir alive. However, Denethor catches on fire, runs out and falls off the top of the highest level of the city to his death.

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