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Arwen Evenstar

Portrayed by: Liv Tyler

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Arwen Evenstar In The Two Towers:
Arwen appears in a series of flashbacks that take place during and just after the time that the Fellowship had been at Rivendell. The first flashback is prompted by Eowyn asking Aragorn about the Evenstar necklace that he is wearing as they travel to Helm's Deep. He remembers speaking with Elrond after the Council. Elrond tells him that he should let Arwen go with her people to the Undyling Lands and not doom her to a miserable life of mourning. Just before the Fellowship leaves Rivendell, Aragorn again tries to return the necklace, which Arwen refuses.

In a more random flashback set shortly after The Fellowship leaves Rivendell, Arwen asks Elrond about what he sees concerning Aragorn's future. Elrond says that either he and the Fellowship fail and the Elves will be destroyed by Sauron, or Aragorn will survive and Arwen will mourn when he dies at the end of his short mortal life. Elrond encourages her to go with her people to the Grey Havens and pass over the sea into the west to the Undying Lands. She appears to be setting out to make such a journey in her last appearance in the film.

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