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Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

Character Portrayed in The Lord of the Rings: Legolas Greenleaf

Born: January 13, 1977; Canterbury, Kent, England

In The Lord of the Rings
Orlando Bloom's character Legolas is one of the nine main characters, but still only is a supporting character to Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf. Even so, Orlando portrayed a certain grace and easy flow of motion which personified Tolkien's description of Elves. Orlando's subtle performance in The Fellowship of the Ring made him a breakout star. With his smooth fighting style, he rivaled Aragorn for action.

Thanks to the character's reception in The Fellowship of the Ring, some additional filming gave Legolas more screentime in The Two Towers and Orlando Bloom again gets to shine in his dialogue with John Rhys-Davies' Gimli as well as in a few other choice bits and in the prolonged battle at Helm's Deep. In the books most of Legolas' development was in tandem with Gimli. John Rhys-Davies' trouble with his makeup which reduced his filming probably curbed how much involvement Legolas could have in the films although Peter Jackson maximized the character's participation as much as possible with some scenes with Aragorn. Each film ended up having a signature Legolas action sequence, although we felt that his sequence in The Return of the King might have been a little much.

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