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The Jacket Official Website
Official Site

About the Film Production:
As hopeful as it is harrowing, The Jacket , a mind-bending drama that melds elements of a thriller, romance, murder mystery and time-travel fantasy, is a film that defies easy categorization-which is precisely what made it so appealing to director John Maybury.
- Pre-Production

For director John Maybury, taking the time to select talented, versatile actors for even the smallest roles gives him confidence to allow his cast the freedom to explore and take risks as they hone their performances. "I love working with actors, and I like to give them the chance to do what they do best," he explains. "And the performances in this film are sensational. That's across the board, not just the stars. The day players, and even some of the extras, do things that are kind of unexpected."
- Casting Adrien Brody as Jack Starks
- Casting Keira Knightley as Jackie Price
- Casting Kris Kristofferson as Dr. Becker
- Casting Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dr. Lorenson
- Casting the Supporting Roles

This film information was taken from the film's Official Production Notes.

This film is rated R for violence, language and brief sexuality/nudity.

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The Jacket
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