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Frequency (2000):
IMDB Listing
Gregory Hoblit
Toby Emmerlich
Michael Kaman

Dennis Quaid
James Caviezel
Elizabeth Mitchell
Andre Braugher
Noah Emmerlich
Shawn Doyle
Melissa Errico
... Director
... Writer
... Original Music By

... Frank Sullivan
... John Sullivan
... Julia Sullivan
... Satch
... Gordo Hersch
... Jack Shepard
... Samantha Thomas

OK, so the film is a little hazy on how father and son Sullivan are able to communicate across thirty years, but its basically based on the string theory that time is not linear, but more like a ball of string that crosses back around itself touching at various random points. Anyway, putting aside the 'science' of the film, it's an interesting story.

For John Sullivan, it's been a 'Not So Wonderful Life'. His father died in a firefighting accident when he was six and John has sorely missed that influence on his life. Now, he has a chance to change things for the better, but with those changes come consequences that John and his father must deal with before everything in their lives unravels. The film has a cozy feel to it and does not rely on special effects, but rather character and story (a novel concept for many of today's big studio films). original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.