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Star Trek II
DVD Set (6 films)
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VHS Set (9 films)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982):
IMDB Listing
Nicholas Meyer
Harve Bennett
Jack B. Sowards
James Horner

William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
James Doohan
Walter Koenig
Nichelle Nichols
George Takei
Ricardo Montalban
Kirstie Alley
... Director
... Writer
... Writer
... Original Music By

... Adm. James Kirk
... Captain Spock
... Dr. Leonard McCoy
... Montgomery Scott
... Pavel Chekov
... Nyota Uhura
... Hikaru Sulu
... Khan Noonien Singh
... Lieutenant Saavik

There have been numerous Star Trek movies and more on the way, but not all of them have had a great story and this is one that has a great story. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan brings back a great villain from the original series, which gives Khan history with the Enterprise crew. The three way friendship between Kirk, McCoy and Spock is a strong centerpiece of this film, while each of the other supporting characters are given their moments.

The film has themes about life, death and even rebirth. The crew is aging and some are facing a midlife crisis. Kirk gains a son, but loses a friend. The film is given more depth by references to A Tale of Two Cities by the characters, using this classic work of literature to set up parallels within the storylines of the film itself. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.