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Mulan II Review:
Mulan II is a straight-to-video sequel to Mulan. As a result, Eddie Murphy is replaced by another voice actor who does his best to imitate Murphy. Otherwise, the voice cast is still filled with Asian actors, perhaps even moreso than the original film. Unfortunately, they don't have as much to work with. In Mulan II, Mulan is now well-known and admired by young girls. She's and Shang are a full-blown couple and become engaged. This time around, Mulan has to escort the Emperor's daughters who are to be used to form an alliance with the Mongols by way of arranged marriages. On top of that Mushu is out to break up Mulan and Shang so that he can continue to be Mulan's guardian dragon. Though it has an ambitious set of storylines, like most straight-to-video efforts, it falls short. It more than satifies younger viewers and those who just can't get enough of the familiar characters of the first film. The DVD also includes about twenty minutes worth of extras along with "Mushu's Guess Who" Activity. The deleted scenes show there was some effort put into refining the storylines. The other special features are largely forgetable.

Mulan II Voice Cast List
B.D. Wong
Harvey Fierstein
Freda Foh Shen
June Foray
Pat Morita
Mark Moseley
Soon-Tek Oh
Randy Crenshaw
Hayley Westenra
Lucy Liu
Sandra Oh
Lauren Tom
George Takei
Frank Welker
... Mulan
... Shang
... Yao
... Fa Li
... Grandmother Fa
... The Emperor
... Mushu
... Fa Zhou
... Shang (singing voice)
... Mulan (singing voice)
... Mei
... Ting Ting
... Su
... First Ancestor
... Cri-Kee
Mulan II IMDB Listing

Mulan II DVD Extras:
- Backstage Disney: Voices of Mulan II [~3:00]
- Backstage Disney: The World of Mulan [~5:10]
- Deleted Scenes with Crew Introductions [~10:00]: "Battle Sequence"; "Mei Flirts"; "The Escape Part 1"; "The Escape Part 2"
- Games & Activities - Mushu's Guess Who
- Music & More: "(I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls" - Atomic Kitten
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