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Mulan Description
From Walt Disney Home Entertainment:
In Mulan, barbarous Huns attack China and plucky teenager Mulan, dons a male disguise to secretly enlist in the Imperial Army in her elderly father's place. With the help of Mushu, an irrepressibly zany guardian dragon sent by her ancestors, Mulan makes it through boot camp and inspires her fellow soldiers with her courage. The film's talented voice cast includes Ming-Na (TV's "ER") as Mulan, Eddie Murphy (Norbit, The Nutty Professor) as her ditzy dragon companion, and B.D. Wong ("Law and Order: SVU") as General Shang. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Score, Mulan features the singing talents of Lea Salonga ("Miss Saigon") as Mulan and Donnie Osmond as Shang.

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- Cast, DVD Details & Review

Mulan II Description
From Walt Disney Home Entertainment:
Everyone's favorite Mulan characters are joined by new friends in Mulan II, an all new adventure featuring the girl warrior and her dragon guardian. Mulan and Shang, now engaged to be married, are called back into action when the Emperor asks them to escort his three daughters on a dangerous journey. Mushu's goofy antics threaten to come between Mulan and Shang, but the pair has more more to worry about as the Mongol horde gathers for an impending invasion of China. Mulan II features the voice talents of Ming-Na, B.D. Wong, Pat Morita (Karate Kid), Lucy Liu (Charlie's Angels) and Olympic champion Michelle Kwan.

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- Cast, DVD Details & Review

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