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Tinker Bell

From Walt Disney Home Entertainment:
"Peter Pan" author, J.M. Barrie, wrote that fairies were born from a child's first laugh, and thus begins the story of Tinker Bell. A glittering twinkle emerges from the first giggle of a baby in her crib, and that illumination lands neatly on a floating dandelion, quickly catching a magical breeze whose final destination is Pixie Hollow, home to the fairies.

From that little sparkling speck comes Tinker Bell in her newborn splendor, fully grown yet blessed with a wide-eyed innocence. As with all new arrivals, Tink is quickly indoctrinated into the fairy world through the Talent Discovery Ceremony, which identifies the group of fairies Tinker Bell will join. She is deemed a tinker fairy, the craftsman group in Pixie Hollow that creates all the things the other fairies need to bring the seasons to the mainland.

From there, Tinker Bell focuses on a journey familiar to everyone - the search for your own voice, your own talents, your own special place in the world. For Tinker Bell, it's an uphill battle, turning her back on her natural gifts to seek a more glamorous role in other disciplines. Her quest is aided by four wonderful friends - Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and Silvermist - four fairies representing the primary groups within Pixie Hollow. She is also guided on her search by the mentoring, benevolent Queen Clarion, the nurturing Fairy Mary, the wise-beyond-his-years dust keeper Terence and the comically talented tinkers Clank & Bobble. Along the way, we are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the wondrous world of nature, and given a glimpse into the magical ways fairies bring the seasons to the human world.

Ultimately, Tinker Bell finds that by understanding her role and taking pride in her unique place in the world as important - by being true to herself - she will find true happiness. Because once you embrace your talent, you can do amazing things.

Tinker Bell Voice Cast List
Mae Whitman
Kristin Chenoweth
Lucy Liu
America Ferrera
Jane Horrocks
Jesse McCartney
Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Pamela Adlon
Anjelica Huston
Loreena mcKennitt
Steve Valentine
Kathy Najimy
Richard Portnow
Gail Borges
... Tinker Bell
... Rosetta
... Indessa
... Silvermist
... Fawn
... Fairy Mary
... Terence
... Clank
... Bobble
... Vidia
... Queen Clarion
... Narrator
... Minister of Spring
... Minister of Summer
... Minister of Autumn
... Minister of Winter
Tinker Bell IMDB Listing Review:
Tinker Bell delves into origins of the fairy of the same name from Peter Pan. Disney chose to animate this straight-to-DVD film using CG. This gives the characters a hyper-realistic feel, but also lends to the magic of the fairy world. The story is a coming-of-age story with Tinker Bell being born and learning that she is a tinker by talent. Of course, Tinker Bell learns that her talent means that she won't go to the mainland. This inspires her to try to learn the talents of her friends, who are going to the mainland. However, these attempts meet with disasterous results. Tinker Bell is about to give up when she finally embraces her talent and then the queen of the fairies finds a way to send Tinker Bell to the mainland where Tinker Bell encounters Wendy for the first time. The film is at its best as it explores the wonders of Pixie Hollow.

The story is pretty well done as well although late in the film the story does get a bit rushed. Though it is a direct-to-DVD release, the film has a nice cast, is enjoyable and actually left us wanting to explore more of Pixie Hollow and the world of the fairies. That's fortunate for Disney, who has plans for this to be the first of four films about the fairies. The DVD release also includes a handful of extras. There's a brief featurette on making the film. Another featurette blends the fairies into live-action footage. Another featurette tours Pixie Hollow. Six deleted scenes are also included. Lastly, there's a DVD-ROM activity for the kids.

Tinker Bell DVD Extras:
- Creating Pixie Hollow [10:00] - See How the Filmmakers Created This Magical Realm
- Deleted Scenes
- Music Video - Performed by Disney Channel's Selena Gomez
- Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow - Discover the Ancient Realm of Fairies with Tinker Bell
- Ever Wonder [3:55] - Discover How Fairies Put the "Wonder" In Natural Wonders
- Tinker Trainer - DVD-ROM Activity
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