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Season 4.0 Starbuck Spoilers
6/6/08: There will be "a bit more" Lee and Kara. From Jamie Bamber Interview [Here's to hoping it is only a little bit more.]
5/12/08: Concerning Kara's death and return from Edward Olmos: "Well, we've filmed something that started to explain it. And it's not an uplifting understanding. [Laughs.] I will say that. It's as dark as everything else. You sit there and you go, "Oh my God, you guys are sick!" They're pushing the envelope. And the network is allowing it." From Boston Globe Interview
5/12/08: Kara's pristine Viper will come up again later in the season. From Ron Moore Podcast Commentary
4/23/08: Casting sides from episode 16? for a piano player consist of a conversation with Kara in which she says, "When I was taking the fleet to Earth, everything was so clear." Kara continues, "For the first time in my life, I knew what I was doing. Now [the] rug's been pulled out again. I'm lost again." From Casting Sides [So the fleet already found Earth, but it appears to have been a letdown at least for Kara. Of course, this is Kara. She tells Slick that she knew what she was doing and yet from what we've already seen in the first three episodes, she doesn't seem to have a firm grasp of what she's doing.]
4/19/08: Ausiello's previous spoiler about the piano player has now been confirmed as being a guest character in episode 17 (Production #419): "Late 20's-Late 30's. This handsome, charismatic, slick and mysterious piano player is someone Kara is inexplicably drawn to. She finds herself telling him things no one else knows about her. Note: Seeking Only Actors who are Accomplished Pianists. Shoot Dates: May 16-27, 2008." [Ausiello indicated that the character would appear over two episodes, so that would mean episode 18 as well.]
4/2/08: In the second half of the season, "Starbuck will become inexplicably drawn to a handsome, charismatic, slick and mysterious piano player over the course of two episodes. The two will become so connected that she'll find herself telling him things no one else knows." From Ausiello
3/29/08: According to Katee Sackhoff, through the first thirteen episodes there is no explanation of how Kara returned from the dead, what her trip to Earth meant or resolution of her marriage to Anders. From io9 Recap of S4 Press Conference
3/22/08: Concerning Baltar and Starbuck's Cylon connections, Ron Moore says, "There are similarities, and there are connections, between Starbuck and Baltar that will develop as time goes on." From Cinema Blend
3/20/08: In CIC, Roslin wonders how the Cylons found them. This is likely from the first episode. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [That clip immediately cuts to the familiar scene of Kara, held by Marines, claiming that she's seen Earth. Roslin obviously suspects that Kara sudden reappearance was the tip-off.]
3/20/08: Face to face, Adama asks Kara, "what were you thinking? Tell me, who's going to help you?" Adama then attacks Kara. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [Obviously, Kara did something that Adama feels completely betrayed him. We're just at a loss as to what.]
3/18/08: In CIC, Kara tells Adama that the way to Earth was so clear to her at the nebula, but it's fading as they move away from the nebula. From WPIX Interview
3/18/08: Kara comes back with recon photos which she says match the star charts that they saw in the Tomb of Athena. From Hypaspace preview
3/8/08: A hybrid tells Kara that, "you will lead them all to their end." From SciFi Channel Promo Clip [We knew Kara found out about the prophecy and now we know how... she gets on a basestar and talks to a hybrid. There's some additional stuff with Kara, but it's footage we've seen already.]
3/5/08: Sharon has Kara in a headlock as Helo walks around. She says that they are giving up their last chance to find Earth. There's also another scene where's she's screaming and being restrained by a number of Marines. From SciFi Channel Promo [The Sharon headlock is likely from Episode 405.]
2/28/08: Kara walks up and points her gun at what turns out to be Roslin. From Preview Clip [This fits with the earlier spoiled bits that Tigh is sent in to diffuse the hostage situation between Kara and Roslin.]
2/28/08: Lee has paid a visit to Kara, who is in the brig. He says that he now understands what she said about having a destiny. He says that he has to do it. She smiles weakly and simply replies, "so say we all." From Preview Clip [We're assuming that he's explaining his reasoning for being a lawyer or maybe that other civilian pursuit that puts him back in the circles of the President and her staff.]
2/28/08: Adama is in Starbuck's face, wanting to know what happened to her. She's breaking down in tears as she tells him that she's been to Earth, smelled it and it's "in [her] pores" like she'd been there before and like she'd never left. From Preview Clip
2/28/08: On the hangar deck, Kara is surprised by the intense reaction by Anders, Lee and everyone else on the deck. She makes a comment about being gone only a few hours and Anders points out that she's been gone for two months. Kara doesn't believe him. From Preview Clip
1/15/08: Kara learns of the hybrid's prophecy heard in Razor. From TV Guide [Wonder how that happens since only Kendra seemingly heard it and she's dead.]
1/13/08: The hybrid had this to say to Kendra: "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of Death. They must not follow her. All this has happened before and all of it will happen again, again, again..." From Battlestar Galactica: Razor Telefilm
1/12/08: Kara claims that she has been to Earth and has to repeat it several times since it is not believed. Because of accusations and the missing time, Kara even begins to question if the Cylons captured her, brainwashed her or if she's a Cylon. There's a scene in the Memorial Hall where she's considering this and Anders is there trying to be supportive. She tells Adama that he thought of her as his daughter and now he needs to trust her. He says that he can't afford to. In another scene, she tells Adama that they are going the wrong way From Canadian Hypaspace Preview
11/21/07: Katee Sackhoff indicated that Kara and Leoben have some sequences in a forest in episode 411. Later, Jamie Bamber seemed to hint that those scenes were on Earth. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/21/07: At a convention appearance, Katee Sackhoff indicated that Kara spent a lot of time in the brig as well as with Leoben. She also has plenty of scenes with Roslin. Kara also comes to believe that she is a Cylon. At some point, Kara builds a bonfire on a beach. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/14/07: At a convention appearance last weekend, Katee Sackhoff described Lee and Kara's journey in Season 4 as "closure."
11/7/07: Updated Kara Speculation from TPR
11/3/07: When asked about elements of Razor appearing in the 4th season, Jamie Bamber said "I know they had to make some pretty big changes in editing. So everything I say is based on what I shot and read in the script, so it may not be 100% accurate. But yes, I know that they are very conscious of fulfilling the hybrid Starbuck element and that was the main thing they introduced, which was a new seed about the direction we were going."From Interview [Now we may be reading too much into that comment, but his use of the term 'hybrid' gets our attention.]
11/1/07: In Episode 1 ("He That Believath in Me"), Lee is the first to greet Kara and she's surprised because she thinks she's only been gone for six hours. Anders is at first excited to see his estranged wife, then he's worried that she might know he's a Cylon. The other three (Tigh, Tory and Tyrol) task him with trying to pick some information from Kara. This leads to his line [seen in the promos] about saying that if she were a Cylon, he'd still love her. Her response is underwhelming and continues the strained ties between the two. From Cult Times Interview with Michael Trucco
10/29/07: In Episode 6 ("Faith"), Helo, Anders and Athena also are on the Demetrius on the mission to find Earth with Starbuck, which is an old sewage refining ship. Starbuck faces a mutiny because she wanted to go further. From Grace Park Interview in Cult Times [Looks like her unlikely allies might include Caprica Six, who appears to also be on the ship based on the photos with Tricia Helfer and Michael Trucco.]
10/14/07: Roslin asks Starbuck how she got "here." Adama shakes Starbuck as she can be heard asking why they can't trust her. She also says that she saw Earth. Anders tells Starbuck that if she's a Cylon then she has been since the beginning. Lastly, Kara lays on the deck and screams, "We're going the wrong way." From SciFi Channel Season 4 Promo
8/16/07: In episode seven, Kara is dealing with a mutiny on the Demetrius and her unlikely allies help her with the situation. From Katee Sackhoff Interview
8/16/07: In spite of the Adama/Starbuck conflict, he decides that he has to trust her in order to find Earth so he sends her on a mission to the Demetrius, which happens around episode five or six.
8/10/07: There will be a lot of Adama/Starbuck conflict during the season starting with the first episode. From Comic Con Panel
7/17/07: Starbuck is lightly used in episodes three and four since Katee Sackhoff mentioned that she shot her scenes for both episodes in a single day. She also mentioned that so far she's been playing Starbuck like Starbuck before her "death." Starbuck is also now suspected by others in the fleet of being a Cylon and being treated as such. By episode six, Kara "will have some allies that are extremely unlikely." From Katee Sackhoff BSGcast Interview [So much from Starbuck "cleaning up her act" after realizing her destiny... at least so far.]
7/9/07: Various [mostly unsurprising] bits from Katee Sackhoff at Polaris Con in Toronto: Kara sleeps around. Kara gets drunk. Kara points her gun at someone and kills two Marines. Kara shoots down Cylons while in her Viper. Kara has to choose sides [Which sides is she choosing from?]
7/4/07: During the digital media tour, the press saw a completely rebuilt (shiny new) Viper, which looks matches the Viper that Starbuck was seen flying the finale. The fact that it's been rebuilt has sparked suspicion in the fleet that Starbuck is a Cylon. From MediaBlvd Magazine [This seems to match with what Katee Sackhoff hinted in previous interviews.]
6/23/07: Apparently early in the season, there is suspicion in the fleet that Kara is a Cylon as Katee Sackhoff says that she does a lot of screaming including about not being a Cylon.
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, there's more Leoben/Starbuck interaction, but she's not sure if it's Leoben or head-Leoben (Maelstrom).
4/15/07: Kara's death had no meaning, but her resurrection does. From Ron Moore Season Finale Podcast Commentary
4/15/07: Lee's sighting of Kara was not a hallucination. From Ron Moore Interview with MTV
3/26/07: When asked whether Lee was hallucinating when he saw Kara, Ron Moore responded, "This, too, is a fine question. It's exactly the kind of thing I want people to chew over the next few months." Ron Moore Interview with [Encouraging speculation that it was Head-Kara]
3/26/07: Kara will be back in Season 4. From Ronald D. Moore Q&A with TV Week

The following spoilers were compiled before the end of Season 3,
but some still could have meaning looking to Season 4:
3/17/07: Not long after (roughly an hour) we posted Jessica's three-day old season finale recap on our site on Saturday, Hercules at Ain't It Cool News posted an article confirming the recap including Kara's appearance as spoilers. Herc's Ain't It Cool News BSG Article [Herc isn't infallible and his post seemed to indicate that he didn't like being scooped so it could just be damage control on his part. Although, we at TPR are listening to our own Inner Six who finds our posting and Herc's seeming folllow-up an hour later too much to be coincidental. Our Inner Six has convinced us that Herc feels like TPR scooped him even if he won't admit it.]
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about Kara's destiny was to "embrace death": "Kara's destiny is layered with meaning." From Ronald D. Moore Posting @ Board [That's a cryptic "answer" that Babylon 5's Kosh would be proud of.]
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about what damaged Kara's Viper: "This was left deliberately vague. What do you think it was?" From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board
3/6/07: Kristin claims that she interviewed Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff just after they filmed the episode. She says that Katee was upbeat and talked about her character in the present tense. She says that Sackhoff said, "My hope for the character is that she finds peace, and my fear is that she is gonna be a Cylon." From Kristin
3/6/07: During a radio interview, Katee said, "I'm dead as far as I know" and later "As far as I know, the fate of Starbuck is completely changed. Her ship exploded and she didn't pull the ejection thing." Of note, though, is that she was not on-set when the shot of Kara reaching for the eject switch was filmed. She is doing feature work and looking for regular television work, but she is still under her six year contract with the show. From Katee Sackhoff Interview with Cort and Fatboy
3/3/07: When asked about being back, Sackhoff's response was: "I cannot answer that question due to confidentiality. All I can say is that when I read ep. 16. I was shocked to say the least." Later, when asked about Season 4, her response was: "I have not given Battlestar a thought for awhile. Focusing on feature work." From Katee Sackhoff Interview with The SciFi World
1/17/07: On his internet broadcast, KoenigRules again stood by his long-ago reported spoiler that Kara dies in Maelstrom after finally realizing her destiny. Subject2Discussion | [KoenigRules has been mostly correct although some of his spoilers have been vague and open to interpretation, which is why his spoilers only sporadically appear here.]
1/17/07: Ausiello says that Kara is not a Cylon. Ask Ausiello at
1/8/07: Ronald D. Moore and David Eick did an interview which mostly focused on the speculation about Kara. They again would not say her character (or any mjaor character) dies. However, they said something profound would happen to the character, which would help drive another "reset" of where the other characters were. Interview in Chicago Tribune
1/7/06: Entertainment Weekly's Season 3.5 preview includes "'cosmic destiny' prompts a dramatic life change" which combines with the identities of the final five Cylons for a big cliffhanger. [Going by this, looks like Starbuck doesn't die.]
12/29/06: One Season 3.5 promo states "One will die. One will realize they are a Cylon. And One will find Earth." [We know that with Kara's "destiny," she'll likely fulfill at least one of those.]
12/20/06: Katee admitted that she wasn't in the final episodes, but she would not comment on whether Starbuck was dead, citing that she had signed a confidentiality agreement. From Katee Sackhoff Interview with Fatboy [A "No Comment" is not exactly encouraging news for those hoping that Starbuck is just missing...unless Katee is being clever and thus heightening interest in Kara's fate.]
12/20/06: Starbuck continues her downward spiral even up to episode 316. From Katee Sackhoff Interview with Fatboy [How much worse can things get with Kara pushing Anders away, pushing Kat likely hastening her death, screwing over Lee, then just screwing Lee and screwing over Dee?]
12/14/06: From Ronald D. Moore: "There's a pretty big loss coming midway through the second half of the'll be pretty shocked about what happens to somebody...and I'm not really saying that we're doing that [killing off a character]." From RDM Interview [RDM wouldn't come out and say that they were killing off another character, which he's never been shy about before. Looks like the idea of Kara being kidnapped, suffering a trauma or turning out to be a Cylon looks to be more likely. That would leave the character alive, but be a loss to the rest of the character.]
12/13/06: From a second-hand source, Katee Sackhoff supposedly privately reassured a fan at a convention that Kara is not dead and gone yet.
12/13/06: Both Ronald D. Moore and Katee Sackhoff have said that Kara has a destiny that is central to the show. This destiny has been hinted at several times in episodes by various Cylon characters starting back in Season 1 starting with Leoben's interrogation, the whole Arrow of Apollo storyline and The Farm and Simon and in the latest Leoben-Kara interaction on New Caprica.
12/12/06: Katee Sackhoff says that she was told that her character was not a Cylon.
12/12/06: Ronald D. Moore has repeatedly said that the relationship between Lee and Kara is a central storyline to the show. [I understand not wanting to bring them together since ending the "romance dance" has taken the wind out of television series before, but the way they've decided to string the dance out has left the two characters almost unredeemable.]
12/12/06: At a convention, Katee Sackhoff called Maelstrom her favorite episode. Also, according to second-hand sources, she disclosed that it was her final appearance of the season. [which would obviously mean that she's not in the three-part season finale]
11/27/06: Kara will learn of the destiny that the Cylons have hinted at. Leoben turns out to be the only one to understand Kara. From Katee Sackhoff [Leoben is the only one who understands her? That oughta heat up the 'Kara's a Cylon debate' even further]
11/21/06: The following characters appear in the season finale (unknown if they might be appearing only in flashback): Adama, Roslin, Lee, Tigh, Athena, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Gaeta, Anders, Cottle, Racetrack and Seelix. [Revised to hopefully eliminate some confusion and needless speculation. This list comes from a particular day of shooting and as such can be used only to confirm some characters' survival. Just because Kara and Baltar are not listed does not mean that they have been killed off. More can be taken from the fact that Tigh, Anders, Gaeta and Racetrack are still around.]
11/19/06: In a video interview with TV Guide, Katee Sackhoff said that we'd find out that she was a Cylon and see how she died. [Her comment was likely a joke as the interview was light-hearted, at least the Cylon part. The "major death" probably happens at the same time that Kara's Viper is damaged in a scene not yet leaked. Kat? Hot Dog?] YouTube Link

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