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Patriot Milita General Andrew Pickens
Andrew Pickens Born: September 19, 1739; Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Died: August 11, 1817;

Battles: Cowpens

September 19 - Andrew Pickens is born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

- Andrew Pickens serves in Grant's Expedition against the Cherokee Indians.

- Andrew Pickens and his brother sell their farm in the Waxhaws and move to the South Carolina Long Cane Creek settlements.

- Andrew Pickens marries Rebecca Calhoun.

- Andrew Pickens builds a blockhouse at the future location of Abbeville, South Carolina.

- Andrew Pickens serves as a Patriot militia captain at Ninety-Six, South Carolina.
November 21 - Andrew Pickens helps negotiate a truce with Tories at Ninety-Six, South Carolina
- Andrew Pickens serves in Snow's Campaign.

- Andrew Pickens joins Williamson's Campaign against Cherokee.

- Andrew Pickens joins Williamson's failed attempt to capture Augusta, Georgia.

February 10 - Andrew Pickens besieges Fort Carr.
February 14 - Andrew Pickens and Elijah Clarke defeat Tories at Kettle Creek, Georgia.

- Andrew Pickens surrenders and goes home on parole.
- Andrew Pickens reenters the war after Tories raid his home.

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