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Patriot Milita General Andrew Pickens
Andrew Pickens Born: September 19, 1739; Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Died: August 11, 1817;

Battles: Cowpens

January 17 - Andrew Pickens commands the militia at the Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina.
January - Andrew Pickens is promoted to brigadier general.
- Andrew Pickens' militia is disbanded as they are recalled to defend their homes.
April - Andrew Pickens raises a regiment of "state regulars."
May 22 - Andrew Pickens is present at the Siege of Augusta, Georgia.
June 5 - Colonel Thomas Brown surrenders Augusta, Georgia.
June - Andrew Pickens joins Maj. General Nathanael Greene's siege of Ninety-Six, South Carolina.
June 11 - Andrew Pickens is ordered to aid Thomas Sumter in blocking a relief column.
June 19 - Maj. General Nathanael Greene abandons his siege of Ninety-Six, South Carolina.
September 8 - Andrew Pickens participates in the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina.
November - Andrew Pickens leads a campaign against the Cherokee Indians.

September - Andrew Pickens and Elijah Clarke secure claims for the state of Georgia from the Indians for all lands south of the Savannah River and east of the Chattahoochie River.
- Andrew Pickens is elected to the Jacksonboro Assembly to represent the Ninety-Six District.

- Andrew Pickens is elected to Congress.

August 11 - Andrew Pickens dies.

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