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British General Thomas Gage
Thomas Gage
Born: 1721; Firle, Sussex, England
Died: April 2, 1787; Portland, England

Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America: 1763-1775

- Thomas Gage is born in Firle, Sussex, England.

- Thomas Gage enters the Westminster School.

- Thomas Gage is commissioned an ensign in the British Army.

January - Thomas Gage is promoted to Captain.

- Thomas Gage serves as Aide de Camp to Albemarle.
- Thomas Gage sees action at Fontenoy and Culloden.

- Thomas Gage participates in campaigns in the Low Countries.
- Thomas Gage transfers to the 55th Regiment, which is then renumbered the 44th.
- Thomas Gage purchases the rank of Major in the 44th Regiment

March 2 - Thomas Gage is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

- Thomas Gage sails to America with the 44th Regiment.

July 9 - Thomas Gage is present at Braddock's Defeat near Fort Dusquesne, where he is wounded.
- Thomas Gage spends winter quarters in Albany and New York City.

August - Thomas Gage serves as second-in-command in expedition on Mohawk River.
- Thomas Gage spends winter quarters in Albany.

- Thomas Gage goes to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
December - Thomas Gage is ordered to organize a provincial corps designated the 80th Regiment.
December - Thomas Gage is promoted to Colonel.

July 8 - Thomas Gage is wounded at Fort Ticonderoga.
December 8 - Thomas Gage marries Margaret Kemble of Brunswick, New Jersey.
- Thomas Gage is given a temporary promotion to Brigadier General.

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