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British General Thomas Gage
Thomas Gage
Born: 1721; Firle, Sussex, England
Died: April 2, 1787; Portland, England

Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America: 1763-1775

January - Thomas Gage assumes command of Albany and its neighboring outposts..
July - Thomas Gage is given command of troops operating on Lake Ontario.
- Thomas Gage returns to command Albany during that winter.

- Thomas Gage commands the rear guard in Maj. General Jeffery Amherst's approach to Montreal.
September 6 - Thomas Gage becomes military governor of Montreal and surrounding areas.

- Thomas Gage is promoted to Major General.

June - Thomas Gage is given command of the 22nd Regiment.

November 16 - Thomas Gage arrives in New York City and assumes duties as acting Command-in-Chief in America.

November 16 - Thomas Gage officially becomes Commander-in-Chief in America.

October 15 - Thomas Gage goes to Boston to arrange for quarters for the garrison there.
November 24 - Thomas Gage returns to New York City.

October - Thomas Gage requests a leave of absense to return to England.

June 8 - Thomas Gage and his family sail for England.

April 2 - Thomas Gage is made the Royal Governor of Massachusetts in addition to his duties as Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in America.
May 13 - Thomas Gage arrives in Boston.
May 17 - Thomas Gage disembarks.
- Thomas Gage begins seizing powder stores in an effort to prevent violent uprisings.

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