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British General John Burgoyne
John Burgoyne Born: February 24, 1722; Bedfordshire, England
Died: June 4, 1792; London, England

Battles: Saratoga

- John Burgoyne demands an investigation of the East India Company.
- John Burgoyne is promoted to Major General.

- John Burgoyne's first play, "Maid of the Oaks" is performed onstage.

May - John Burgoyne arrives in Boston with Major Generals Henry Clinton and William Howe.
June 13 - John Burgoyne writes Maj. General Thomas Gage's manifesto to the rebels.
June 17 - John Burgoyne is in Boston during the Battle of Bunker Hill.
November - John Burgoyne is made second-in-command to Major General William Howe.

January 1 - John Burgoyne receives a local commission of Brigadier General.
May - John Burgoyne arrives in Quebec, Canada with reinforcements.
June 8 - John Burgoyne commands at Trois Rivieres, Canada.
July - John Burgoyne's wife, Lady Charlotte Stanley, dies.
October 11 - John Burgoyne is present at the Battle of Valcour Island.
December - John Burgoyne returns to England.

February 20 - John Burgoyne is chosen to lead an independent offensive in America.
February 28 - John Burgoyne submits his "Thoughts for Conducting the War on the Side of Canada" to Lord George Germain.
March 26 - John Burgoyne receives a letter from Lord Germain to Maj. General Guy Carleton on the final approval plan for his offensive.
May 6 - John Burgoyne arrives at Quebec, Canada and delivers the letter to General Carleton.
June 20 - John Burgoyne sets out from St. Johns, Canada.
June 27 - John Burgoyne arrives at Crown Point, New York.
June 30 - John Burgoyne begins his approach on Fort Ticonderoga.
July 5 - Maj. General Arthur St. Clair evacuates Fort Ticonderoga.
July 6 - John Burgoyne takes possession of Fort Ticonderoga.
July 6 - John Burgoyne captures Skenesboro after it is burned by retreating Americans.
July 29 - John Burgoyne takes possession of Forts Edward and George.
August 9 - John Burgoyne orders a raid into the Connecticut Valley.
August 19 - Maj. General Horatio Gates is named Northern Department Continental Commander.
September 13 - John Burgoyne gathers supplies and crosses the Hudson River.
September 19 - John Burgoyne is driven back at Freeman's Farm near Saratoga, New York.
October 7 - John Burgoyne's forces are overrun at Bemis Heights near Saratoga, New York.
October 8 - John Burgoyne retreats to fortifications within Saratoga, New York.
October 16 - John Burgoyne agrees to terms of surrender.
October 17 - John Burgoyne officially surrenders to Maj. General Horatio Gates.

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