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Year of the Hangman
Year of the Hangman
George Washington's Campaign Against the Iroquois

by Glenn F. Williams
Published by Westholme Publishing
June 2005
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Finalist for
Thomas Fleming Award
for the Outstanding Revolutionary War Book of 2005

Book Review:
Year of the Hangman takes a detailed look at the American Revolutionary War as it was fought on the western frontier of New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. While the Battle of Oriskany, the Cherry Valley Massacre and the Wyoming Massacre are familiar references in American Revolution text, little actual detail is given. Oriskany is treated with more detail at times because of its effect on General John Burgoyne's invasion of New York, but all the actions are usually lumped together in a few pages or a chapter at most. The author has zeroed in on the events involving the Iroquois Confederacy.

Glenn Williams has evidently done a good deal of research as is evident by the detailed information that carries throughout the book. He has included the politics on both sides that influenced decision-making. Though clearly told from the American perspective, Williams does devote considerable time to developing the British participants and their Indian allies. The book is much more than a prolonged glimpse of the western frontier. The book achieves a level of completion concerning the material. This review doesn't do the book's depth of material.

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