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Year of the Hangman
Year of the Hangman
George Washington's Campaign Against the Iroquois

by Glenn F. Williams
Published by Westholme Publishing
June 2005
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Finalist for
Thomas Fleming Award
for the Outstanding Revolutionary War Book of 2005

Table of Contents:
310 pages (plus Notes and References, Bibliography, Acknowledgements and Index); 13 chapters.
Introduction: We Called You "Town Destroyer"
1. The King's Indian Allies
2. Dunmore's War
3. Year of the Hangman
4. The Approaching Storm
5. Butler's Rangers
6. The Batle of Wyoming
7. The Whole Country May Meet the Same Fate
8. On Dangerous Service
9. The Cherry Valley Massacre
10. Washington's Plan
11. Not Merely Overrun, But Destroy
12. The Sullivan Expedition
13. The Battle of Newtown
Conclusion: Their Settlements Must Ever Be In Our Power
Appendix: The Health of George Washington and King George III
A Contemporary Account of the Wyoming "Massacre"
Key Personalities
Orders of Battle

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