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Never Come to Peace Again
Never Come To Peace Again
Pontiac's Uprising and the Fate of the British Empire in North America

by David Dixon
Published by University of Oklahoma Press
April 2005

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In Never Come to Peace Again, David Dixon has taken a lengthy look at Pontiac's Uprising. Pontiac's Uprising occurred in the northwest frontier of the American colonies following the French and Indian War. Usually Pontiac's War is grouped in with Lord Dunmore's War, the Cherokee War and other outbreaks of hostilities during the period leading up to the American Revolution. Dixon has singled out Pontiac's War for analysis and has pursued it with significant detail. Dixon has put together a well-researched book that is a mostly smooth read even with the level of deail that he often employed throughout the book.

Dixon uses several primary sources to get beyond the just the people, places and dates to attempt to explore the motivations of British-allied Indians, French-allied Indians, the British and the American colonists. Each faction was out to better its own circumstances, often at the expnse of the other factions. As a result, Dixon often moves his narrative back and forth between opposing forces, which gives a more balanced look at what is going on. The events of the book are mostly focused in and around the Siege of Detroit, but the climax of the book takes place at Bushy Run, which in Dixon's narrative breaks the Indian will to continue the opposition in that part of the frontier.

David Dixon's Never Come to Peace Again is a solid modern survey of some of the actions in the backcountry of the American colonies. The events and accompanying politics highlighted in the book add depth to the more well-known political issues of Boston and the other colonies.

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