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Battle of Yorktown
Battle of Yorktown

October 1 - General de Choisy assumes command of allied operations at Gloucester.

October 2 - Lt. Colonel Tarleton reinforces Lt. Colonel Dundas at the Gloucester garrison.

October 3 - General de Choisy skirmishes with Lt. Colonel Dundas at Gloucester.

October 6 - General Washington begins formal siege operations against Yorktown.

October 9 - The allied bombardment of Yorktown begins.

October 14 - The allies assault and overrun British Redoubts Nos. 9 and 10.

October 16 - Lt. Colonel Robert Abercromby leads a sortie against allied siege operations.

October 17 - Lt. General Cornwallis calls for a parley.

October 18 - Terms of Surrender are negotiated.

October 20 - The official surrender ceremony takes place.

October 27 - Lt. General Henry Clinton finally arrives with reinforcements off the Virginia coast.

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