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Battle of Trenton
Battle of Trenton

November 20:
- Maj. General William Howe occupies Fort Lee, New Jersey.
- General George Washington retreats to Newark, New Jersey.

November 28 - General Washington retreats from Newark, New Jersey.

November 29:
- Lt. General Charles Cornwallis occupies Newark, New Jersey.
- General Washington retreats to Brunswick, New Jersey.

December 1:
- General Washington hastily retreats from Brunswick, New Jersey.
- Lt. General Cornwallis occupies Brunswick, New Jersey.

December 2:
- General Washington retreats through Princeton, New Jersey to Trenton, New Jersey.
- Maj. General Nathanael Greene remains in Princeton to serve as a rear guard.

December 3:
- Aprroximately 2,000 Pennsylvania militia begin to join General Washington's force at Trenton.
- General Washington begins preparations for crossing the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.

December 7:
- Maj. General Greene retreats from Princeton, New Jersey as Lt. General Cornwallis approaches.
- General Washington's army completes its crossing of the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.

December 8 - Lt. General Cornwallis arrives in Trenton, New Jersey.

December 12 - The Continental Congress decides to move from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland.

December 13:
- Maj. General Charles Lee is captured by a British patrol at Basking Ridge, New Jersey.
- Maj. General Howe announces that he is entering winter quarters.

December 20:
- Maj. General John Sullivan arrives with 2,000 men that had been under Maj. General Lee.
- Maj. General Horatio Gates arrives with 800 men from Fort Ticonderoga.

December 25:
2:00 P.M. - General Washington sets out.
After Dark - General Washington begins crossing the Delaware River.
11:00 P.M. - A snowstorm begins.

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