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Battle of Trenton
Battle of Trenton

The Battle Continued: December 26, 1776
The Knyphausen regiment of Hessians was separated from the other two regiments and driven back through the southern end of Trenton by Maj. General John Sullivan's column. Many men of this regiment were subsequently able to escape to the south where Brig. General James Ewing's troops were to have been located. The other two Hessian regiments, Lossberg and Rall, retreated into an open field and attempted a counterattack that was quickly driven back. Colonel Johann Rall ordered his force to retreat southeast into an apple orchard just outside Trenton. Only moments after giving the order, Rall was mortally wounded.

Once in the orchard, the Hessians formed up and attempted to make their way north to the road to Princeton. When they reentered the town, the Continentals now joined by civilians fired on them from buildings and other cover. Their formations were broken up by cannonfire. The two regiments retreat back to the orchard where they were forced to surrender.The remnants of the Knyphausen Regiment were making for Bordentown, but they were slowed when they tried to haul their cannon through boggy ground. They soon found themselves surrounded by General Sullivan's men and they also surrendered. It was only 9:30 A.M. and had been an overwhelming victory for General George Washington.

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