Washington Hospital Center
Washington, D.C.
September 13, 2001
12:20 P.M. EDT

We have just seen some really brave men and women. We met with the people who work for our government, that work inside the building. We met with their families.

This is a great hospital. The doctors and nurses are not only accomplished, they're loving people. There's a wonderful spirit up on the floor that we went to. We told them that our country is praying for each and every one there, praying for their families.

Some of the folks could talk, and they described the horror of the incident, the moment. They talked about escaping, going through fire, crawling through debris. It was clear that they were fighting for their survival then, and like every patient up there, they're still fighting for survival.

And it was just a sobering moment for Laura and me. But we again thank the hospital, the docs, the nurses and, of course, again tell the families that the nation prays for those who have been injured by this unbelievable act of terror.

Thank you all.

END 12:21 P.M. EDT