Ministry of External Affairs
Press Release on UN Security Council Resolution on Int'l Terrorism
New Delhi, India
October 1, 2001

The positive step taken by the UN Security Council in the unanimous adoption of Resolution 1373 on September 28,2001 signals the global nature of international terrorism and the need for comprehensive international cooperation in combating it. The resolution calls upon all States to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts; to prohibit their nationals from making any resources or services available to those who commit or participate in terrorist acts; to suppress recruitment for terrorist groups; eliminate the supply of weapons to them; to deny safe haven to those who finance, plan, support or commit terrorist acts; and to prevent terrorists from using their territories for terrorist acts against other states or citizens. The resolution, thus, provides a framework for collective action.

India has been a victim of terrorism for more than a decade. We hope that the resolve of the international community is now translated into concrete action through effective implementation and regular monitoring by the Security Council. We will continue to press for the early finalisation of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism presented by India.