Saudi Arabia
Imam of the Holy Mosque Shaikh Abdulrahman Al-Sideis
September 29, 2001

In his Friday sermon yesterday, Imam of the Holy Mosque in Makkah Shaikh Abdulrahman Al-Sideis urged international public opinion and the world's decision-makers to tackle problems in a wise and rational manner. He urged the media, especially the western media, to tackle problems in a rational and realistic manner, and called on the ulema (Muslim scholars) to clarify the Islamic viewpoint concerning recent developments, making it clear that Islam absolutely disavows terrorism, which is contrary to the ways of true Muslims. Islam, he said, prohibits injustice, violence and savageness, and those who practice it are in actuality criminals. He exhorted dialogue and negotiation instead of violence. Shaikh Al-Sideis went on to say that the Palestinian problem is the Muslim world's main cause, adding that Muslims in Palestine have the right to live in peace and security, free from Zionist terrorism.