Statement from Heads of Government
September 20, 2001

We, the leaders of the G8, condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric acts of terrorism carried out against the United States of America on September 11. Our condolences do not end at America's borders, for New York and Washington are international cities where many nationalities have made a home. The perpetrators, and all who have harboured, assisted or supported them by any means, have launched an offensive against innocent persons and against the central values and interests of the international community. Their actions constitute a profound threat to the peace, prosperity, and security of all people, of all faith, of every nation. We will not allow those who perpetrate hatred and terror to divide the peoples and cultures of the world.

The UN Charter clearly commits all its members to take effective measures to maintain international peace and security.

The twelve United Nations counter terrorism conventions set the standard for international action in the fight against terrorism. In response to the brutal events of September 11, we urge all countries to take steps to ratify these instruments as soon as possible, and to implement the terms of these conventions immediately, even prior to ratification.

We have asked our Foreign, Finance, Justice, and other relevant Ministers, as appropriate, to draw up a list of specific measures to enhance our counter terrorism cooperation, including: expanded use of financial measures and sanctions to stop the flow of funds to terrorists, aviation security, the control of arms exports, security and other services cooperation, the denial of all means of support to terrorism and the identification and removal of terrorist threats. By identifying and implementing specific measures, we underscore our determination to bring to justice the perpetrators of this outrage, to combat all forms of terrorism, to prevent further attacks, and to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against this global scourge.

We welcome all others who stand ready to join us in these efforts, and we stand ready to help them.