Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit
Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar
Joint Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
September 17, 2001

The Prime Minister of Turkey and The President of the Government of Spain wholeheartedly share with deep sorrow the sufferings of the American people. They strongly condemn this heinous terrorist attack directed against the US and its citizens as well as to all human values. They also express their support to the families of the victims and their solidarity with the people and the Government of the US. Nothing can justify acts of terror. Turkey and Spain strongly reject all sorts of terrorist actions occurring in any part of the world, wherever they come from and whomever they are directed at and call for joint action based on international solidarity to eradicate its sources and sanctuaries. They reiterate their full commitment with the decisions taken by the North-Atlantic Council on September 12, 2001.The world is at a turning point in its struggle against terrorism. Our common efforts should not only aim to safeguard our democratic values but also to embrace all civilizations, cultures and religions worldwide. All countries shall contribute with their effort and responsibility to prevent and punish all acts of terror.