Background: Countries

Here are background profiles on some of the countries that have been caught up in the backdrop of the events on and after September 11th:

Afghanistan - The Taliban government is known to welcome Osama bin laden and other terrorist organizations.

Algeria - Has been tied to bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist organization;

India - Tensions with US coalition ally Pakistan over Kashmir makes them important to the US War on Terrorism.

Iran - Neighbor of Afghanistan; at odds with Taliban regime, but not a friend of the US either.

Iraq - One of the three countries to recognize the Taliban government; circumstantial evidence ties Iraqi intelligence to al Qaeda, bin Laden and the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Israel - Focal point of Mideast tensions; US support of Israel has angered Muslims;

Pakistan - Neighbor of Afghanistan; strong supporter of the Taliban, but became important member of the US coalition.

Russia - As remnant of the Soviet Union, the country has ties going back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; gave weapons and supplies to support the Northern Alliance against the Taliban.

Saudi Arabia - Home of Mecca, the religious capital of Islam;

Sudan - Former home of Osama bin Laden;

Tajikistan - Neighbor of Afghanistan; many ethnic Tajiks live in Afghanistan and opposed the Taliban;

Uzbekistan - Neighbor of Afghanistan; many ethnic Uzbeks live in Afghanistan and opposed the Taliban;