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About the Website

Site History:
The Patriot Resource began as a personal website in August 2000. Affiliation with soon followed. On April 1, 2001, it moved to its current domain, which allowed for more commercial opportunity. Additional affilations and advertising have gradually been added as the site grew beyond just a personal project.

The domain is divided into several sites:
1. Film: The Patriot: Founded August 2000
2. History: American Revolution: Founded August 2000
3. History: September 11, 2001: Founded September 24, 2001
4. OtherWorld: Founded February 1999; Moved January 2002
5. Film: Gladiator: Founded July 7, 2002
6. Film: Tombstone: Founded October 2, 2002
7. The Lord of the Rings: Founded November 18, 2002
8. Film: Index: Expanded November 20, 2004
9. TV Series: Founded December 13, 2004
10. WCA '94-'95-'96 Alumni Founded May 16, 2005
11. TV: Battlestar Galactica: Founded June 6, 2005
12. TV: Lost: Founded August 7, 2005
13. TV: Deadliest Catch: Founded June 10, 2007

Possible Future Sites:
Books: ???
Dune: ???
Film: National Treasure: ???
TV Series - Babylon 5: ???
History - French and Indian War 1754-1763: ???

Site Specifications:
The site requires Internet Explorer 6.x or higher with Javascript enabled. The site is optimized for a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and to use the following fonts: Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman and Verdana.

Navigation through the site can be done through the graphical top menu bars or the textual side bars.

The site was developed using Macromedia Dreamweaver and is maintained using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. The DVD Screenshots were taken using Cyberlink PowerDVD

About the Webmaster:
Name: Scott Cummings
DOB: 12/16/76
College: Louisiana State University (LSU)
Graduation: May 2001; Bachelor of Arts in English.

Though it was not his field of study in college, computers and the Internet have become his main interest. He also enjoys reading and playing sports, though a growing family has curbed the sports for the present. He now settles for following major sports such as college basketball/football and auto racing on television and the Internet.

He got his start on the web by maintaining a website for the LSU Chemistry Department where he was the student webmaster from Fall 1995 - Spring 2001. He also built three different personal sites from 1997-1999, one of which (OtherWorld) has been converted and moved to this domain, though it is no longer updated. After viewing The Patriot in August 2000, he began working on The Patriot Resource, which has now expanded to several different sites (listed above).

In addition to his interests found here, he is an avid sports fan including college football and basketball, as well as staying on top of national politics and international news thanks to the Internet.

If you have any comments about the site, feel free to email him at: original content and design Copyright © 1999-2014; Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement