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      "Like what? He would have seen you, if he saw anything, and that sure wouldn't have made him smile."

      "Maybe he saw an angel. Maybe he saw redemption in death."

      "What are you talking about? He killed his sweetheart and her brother in cold-blood and then fled. He doesn't deserve redemption. He deserves to burn in hell with the rest of the murderers."

      "Well, he was drunk and her brother wasn't, but he didn't back off. She got in the middle of a gunfight. Besides, we just killed him by sneaking up on him and shooting him in the back. At least he killed that man face to face with guns drawn," pointed out the first man.

      "It's different. He shot her three times. He murdered an innocent woman, who was his betrothed," said the second.

      "Is it? Murder is murder. If he doesn't deserve redemption then maybe none of us do."

      "We didn't murder him. We've just made a good bounty by killing a wanted man. How can it be murder if we're going to be paid by the law?"

      "Who appointed us judge and jury over this man? We meant to kill him and not give him a chance to defense himself since we started. I suddenly don't feel like the better man."

      "She didn't have a chance to defend herself either. You've been out in the sun too long. You're talking nonsense. Let's get him on his horse so we can go collect that reward."

Scott Cummings - 2/98

Absolut Paradigm

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