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      As Erick gazed out at the architecture and landscape, a man who had been standing off to the side walked up to him. He was dressed after the fashion of the Masters in a stuffy suit, but Erick thought he had the look of a 'seeker', a philosopher. Erick immediately pictured him wearing a loose robe and even holding a walking staff. Erick could tell that he was uncomfortable in his current attire.


      "Yes. Who are you?" Erick asked.

      "You can call me Samuel and I will be your guide on your Vacation." Said the man as he made a slight bow accented with a gesture of his hand. Erick now noticed the graying of his hair and judged him to be a Master for sure. Erick thought he had grown to know the faces of all the Masters, but Samuel's was a new face.

      "So you will lead me on my Vacation, Master Samuel?" Erick asked with a touch of irony at finally learning that his Vacation would indeed be supervised by yet another Master just as the rest of his stay at the Institution had been.

      "No, I will not 'lead' you on your Vacation. I will guide you. I am only here to answer any questions and assist in making everything go smoothly on this journey that you are undertaking. And it's not Master Samuel. I am just Samuel."

      "Very well, Samuel. Now where are we going?"

      "That's up to you. Is there anywhere you have ever wanted visit?"

      "Anywhere? Even to Luna?"

        "We can use the GTS to immediately travel anywhere on Earth you would like to visit. A flight to Luna would take some time to set up, but if that is where you wish to go, it can be done." When Samuel noticed that Erick still looked skeptical, he added, "I am being completely serious. You have the choice of going anywhere within reason you would like to go."

Absolut Paradigm

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