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      "Are you now ready for your cross country self-examination?"

      "I already took and passed the self-examination last night. Yesterday you asked me to think about two questions. I have answers for you now and the answer to a question that I've been asking myself.

      "Who am I? I am Erick Rossovich, a jackass, arrogant, cocky, brilliant young man who doesn't know everything and may soon find that out that I really know almost nothing, but as long as I remember how little I know, I will survive.

      "What do I want? I want to know everything, feel everything, and go everywhere. I want to know the many faces of love, of hate, of good, of evil. I can't have it all, but I'll try to experience as much as I can."

      "What will I become? I will become a leader, perhaps a leader of men.

      "I have one thing to ask of you, Master Samuel, while on this Vacation. Will you teach me everything that you know? I know that I need to learn from others about life and you are here now."

      Samuel nodded, "As long as you remain humble to yourself, you will live life and truly learn from it. I will show you everything that I have seen and heard in my own travels."

      Erick went on his cross-country adventure, but Samuel joined him and the instruction began.

Scott Cummings - 4/98

Absolut Paradigm

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