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      As Erick looked around the room he now found himself in, he had the feeling that this was no ordinary VR. He felt more like he was in some waking dream whose detail he would not forget. There was a sense of foreshadowing about the room itself. He had never been in it before, but he knew that he would visit it in the future, and not in VR either. The room's architecture resembled the architecture of the corridors in Nairobi. There were vidscreens and consoles covering the walls and ceiling, but they had been muted and dimmed so that they faded into the background.

      The lone furnishing in the room was a huge round table. Erick recognized it immediately a the symbol of the legendary King Arthur's unification of England. There was a lone figure seated at the table with his back to Erick. Erick wanted to walk to him and see who he was, but he was compelled to remain where he was. Now men were entering from the door that Erick had entered. They ignored Erick and he assumed that he was a passive member of the VR. He somehow recognized them all as Knights of the Round Table, and even knew their names and feats. Soon all the seats around the table were filled. The lone figure had been silent as the rest had entered, but now he stood up and began to speak.

      "I welcome you all to the first meeting of the Round Table. We have fought battles together and even against each other," at which Lancelot bowed his head. Erick frowned as he found the reference incongruous with the chronology of Arthurian Legend. "We now come together in order build a better country and a better world instead of destroying it. This peace will not last forever, but we must strive to make it last as long as we can.

      "I can tell you that stagnancy does no good for our people and that is one problem that this Round Table will fight. We will use the diversity of thought assembled at this table to further our people's lives. We welcome the ideals of Lancelot and those of you from nether regions."

      As Erick listened to the speech, he knew that King Arthur wouldn't have made such an eloquent and impassioned speech about England in this way. In fact the speaker had avoided making references to anywhere in particular. At first he had thought that the speaker would be King Arthur, but now he was not so sure. At that moment the speaker turned his face toward the side of the room that Erick was standing in. Erick was shocked to see that the speaker had no face, no features, no eyes, nothing.

Absolut Paradigm

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