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        She was at first startled by the touch, then she saw that it was him. She looked at him, and into his eyes and smiled. It was the kind of smile from a woman that lights a fire in a man's heart, or kindles a spark into a blaze. She took his hand in her right hand with as much gentleness as she had shown in times past with him. He somehow knew that she had felt all his emotion in his touch and now he could feel all her emotion in her touch. With one hand she held his tenderly, but tightly as she stroked the back of his hand with her left hand. They both allowed silence and emotion fill the air. They did not need to speak, because there was nothing that needed to be said. They knew they still felt the same about one another. They relived all their times to together.

        Finally after what felt like hours to him, but had really been less than a minute, she began to walk away again. She still had her head turned and looked at him and continued to gently rub his hand. He made no attempt to walk with her. His body was not listening to that command. It was as though he had no legs. He stretched his arm as she stepped further away. She stroked his hand one last time and squeezed it then let go. She turned and walked away. Just as she finally disappeared from sight, time returned to normal for him.

        "Who was she?" his friend had moved to stand beside him.

        "Someone who was a close friend."

        "Was? Looked to me like you still are close friends.........Are you OK?"

        "I don't know."

Scott Cummings - 10/97

Absolut Paradigm

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