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Dragonslayer (1981):
IMDB Listing
Michael Robbins
Hal Barwood
Alex North

Peter MacNicol
Caitlin Clarke
Ralph Richardson
John Hallam
Peter Eyre
Ian McDiarmid
... Director
... Writer
... Original Music by

... Galen
... Valerian
... Ulrich
... Tyrian
... Casiodorus Rex
... Brother Jacobus

When thinking of fantasy, I never think of Dragonslayer, but when I find it on tv, I always stop to watch. I may keep flipping channels to and from the movie, but when it comes to the climax of the movie, I'm stick to it. Just watching the sequences with the dragon are worth it. It's still the best fx (effects) dragon in a movie even with the newer movies now attempting computer-generated dragons.

Dragonslayer has the kind of story that everyone thinks of when it comes to fantasy: young boy/man learning to be a warrior, or in this case a wizard, must defeat the evil dragon and save the girl. What this movie gets right that so many other fantasy movies get wrong is that it doesn't try too much. There are just enough effects to give it a fantasy feel, but not too many or anything too ambitious that comes off just looking cheesy. As I've already said, the sequences with the dragon are done well with the minimum of effects while using good direction, props, lighting and acting.

Absolut Paradigm

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